Alexandre Tharaud
Le Parvis
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Thursday 28th May - 8.30PM
Le Parvis, Scène National Tarbes Pyrénées

Scarlatti and flamenco singing
Cantaor Alberto Garcia

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2015.05.30 > 2015.06.01
Andreas Staier
Porto and Barcelona tour
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Saturday 30th May - 6PM
Sala Suggia, Casa da Musica, Porto

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Monday 1st June - 7PM
Palau de la musica Orfeo Catala, Barcelona

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Works by Telemann and Bach

Tana Quartet
Scènes Croisées de Lozère
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Friday 12th June - 8.30 PM
Château du Boy - LANUEJOLS

with Antoine Maisonhaute & Ivan Lebrun, violins
Maxime Desert, viola
Jeanne Maisonhaute, violoncello

Programme :
Claude Debussy / Quartet in sol minor
Yves Chauris / Quartet n°2 Shakkei
Yann Robin / Quartet n°2 Creshent Scraches

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Alexandre Tharaud
Festival de Saint Denis
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Saturday 6th June • 8.30 PM - Légion d'Honneur

Mozart Sonate « Alla turca » K.331

Mahler Adagietto de la Symphonie n°5

Ravel Miroirs

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Adrien La Marca and Louis-Noël Bestion de Camboulas
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Monk's Refectory of the Royaumont Abbey

Louis-Noël Bestion de Camboulas* organ
Adrien La Marca viola

Louis-Noël Bestion de Camboulas' tanscriptions
Hector Berlioz, Harold in Italy (second movement), Symphonie Fantastique (Le Bal) **
Franz Liszt, Romance Oubliée, Poème Symphonique
Felix Mendelssohn-Bartholdy, Songs without words
Richard Wagner, Pilgrim's Choir (Tannhaüser), transcription of Franz Liszt

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Upcoming events
Quatuor Tana
Jacques Lenot
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le ciel retrouvé 
Intégral des quatuors à cordes 


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Brentano Quartet
The Late String Quartets Op.130 & Grosse Fuge Op.133
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Alexandre Tharaud
Mozart & Haydn
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Joyce DiDonato | Bernard Labadie
Les Violons du Roy

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Andreas Staier
Robert Schumann
Variationen & Fantasiestücke
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This third volume of Andreas Staier's series devoted to the piano music of Robert Schumann begins with his first published composition, the "Abegg" Variations op.1, and ends with his very last work, posthumously published "Geistervariationen". The road he travelled between the two words was a long one, yet this programme also brings out the consistency of the poetic urge that gives Schumann's music its matchless powers of evocation.

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Alexander Melnikov
Complete Works for violoncello & piano
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Beethoven's works for cello and piano were written between 1796 and 1815. He effectively created the sonata for cello, with an independent piano part, in his Op.5, intended for Jean-Louis Duport and dedicated to Frederick William II of Prussia. Like the delightful variations on themes by Handel and Mozart, they represent his first-period style, as Op.69 typifies the second. The two sublime Sonatas Op.102, for their part, already herald the unprecedented stylistic freedom of the composer's final decade.

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Javier Perianes
Felix Mendelssohn
Lieder ohne Worte
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This programme illustrates four essential qualities of the music of Felix Mendelssohn. Music stripped of all superfluity, including the literary aspect (Songs without Words); a gift for creating magical atmospheres (Rondo capriccioso); unconditional admiration for classical order; and, finally, a genuine veneration for Bach (Prelude and Fugue op.35). The whole radiant universe of Mendelssohn is encapsulated here.

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Alexandre Tharaud
Satie, Ravel, Debussy, Poulenc & Others
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Sonata n°1 for cello & piano
The complete work for piano (2 CD)
Avant-dernières pensées / Solos & duos (2 CD)
Sonatas & suites for cello / clarinet & piano
& WORKS by Zoltán Kodály, Alban Berg, Anton
Webern, Frederic Mompou, Henri Dutilleux,
Pierre Boulez, Olivier Messiaen et Thierry Pécou

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Alexander Melnikov
Paul Hindemith
Sonatas for...
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Hindemith composed more than 30 sonatas for the most diverse instruments – all of which he was capable of playing himself! This fascinating selection of works written between 1935 (when he became persona non grata in Nazi Germany) and 1948 (the brilliant Cello Sonata for Piatigorsky) is played by some of today's finest soloists, with the guiding spirit of Alexander Melnikov at the piano. How often does one hear a sonata for Althorn? Especially one published along with a poem by the composer?

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Signum Quartet
Debussy · Adès · Ravel
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It is a plea for the direct experience of a music that had become fed up with the constraints of traditional forms. Debussy’s music especially reveals characteristics that justifiably move it into the proximity of Impressionist painting, as it produces moving paintings, landscapes of sound, soundscapes in the narrowest sense of the word that can draw the listener into the middle of the picture. Maurice Ravel’s String Quartet, completed in 1903, had to be and was compared with Debussy’s quartet. At the same time, it can be seen here how Ravel’s musical diction – based on Debussy’s – prepared the way for French Modernism. Like only few of his colleagues, the Briton Thomas Adès, born in 1971, is capable of fusing traditional elements from music history, including obvious references to existing compositions, with modern sound production into an individual style appealing directly to the listener.

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Andreas Staier - Lorenzo Coppola
Andreas Staier - Brahms
Sonatas for clarinet & piano
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The two sonatas for clarinet and piano, composed in 1894, were Brahms's last chamber works. Knowing that he could count on the virtuosity of their dedicatee, the prodigious clarinettist Richard Mühlfeld (1856-1907), Brahms enthusiastically exploited all the expressive possibilities of the instrument. Under the fingers of Lorenzo Coppola, the clarinet prays, sobs, dreams or laughs, bringing astonishing conviction to all these varied emotions.

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Adrien La Marca

Adrien La Marca, viola, is ‘REVELATION DES VICTOIRES DE LA MUSIQUE’, the Classical Music Awards in France!  Congratulations!
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