ALEXANDRE THARAUD and the Goldberg Variations

ALEXANDRE THARAUD completes a fantastic tour of North America, during which he has performed at some of the region’s most prestigious venues including New York’s Carnegie Hall and the John F. Kennedy Center, Washington DC.

The French pianist has been acclaimed for his unique approach to J.S Bach's masterpiece, distinguished for his character and spontaneity. 

He will complete his tour at the wonderful Salle Bourgie, in the Montreal Museum of Fine Arts in Montreal, Canada.





" [...] in a crowded field, the intelligent French pianist Alexandre Tharaud stands out. He has something to say in this music, and in an engrossing Washington Performing Arts recital on Tuesday night at the Kennedy Center’s Terrace Theater, Tharaud offered a set of Goldbergs on a remarkably intimate and human scale. "

Simon Chin, The Washington Post