NATHALIE STUZMANN performs at La Seine Musicale in Paris

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During her recent performance at one of the most prestigious performing arts center in Paris, Nathalie Stuzmann led the ensemble with an Italian Baroque programme, mixing arias with a sumptuous cohort of instrumental pieces.

The french audience had the opportunity to enjoy in a wonderful live performance most of the masterpieces included in her latest release, Quella Fiamma - Arie Antiche, released by Warner Classic - Erato.

"To the warmth of the old instruments replies Nathalie Stutzmann's timbre. Her rare contralto voice is still beautiful. One admires the flexibility and the holding of the line of song, the control of the breath, the extended scope which makes richly sound the bass without extinguishing the treble. For having had the chance to see her directing and singing the program of the album in the auditorium of the Seine musical, we could see how she has blended blended herself within the ensemble, thus introducing a theatrical element that we find with pleasure in the disc."

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"The alto Nathalie Stutzmann, one of the most prestigious French singers of the moment, at the head of the group Orfeo 55 that she has founded, offers us, in a show of her portentous and deep voice, these ancient arias, not in nineteenth century arrangement, but reconstructing its original orchestration."

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