Interview with Marzena Diakun

Ahead of her concert on 17 November to celebrate the centenary of Polish independence, Marzena Diakun sat down with CLB Management for an interview.

What is your favourite repertoire?

My favourite repertoire is the late 19th/early 20th century, big, post-romantic orchestral works from the Russian, French, and particularly German schools.

What are the most important musical values for you?

To play music is to convey a whole range of emotions to the listeners and/or communicate with the audience through these emotions. […] The way to achieve this is rich in experiences based on collaboration, respect and desire to share the same goal to perfection in the sound and phrase, all this in order to get closer to the ideal, which one may call “beauty”.

What is your dream career-wise?

My dream is to conduct the great repertoire with the best orchestras in the world, in Great Britain, Germany, and the United States. My career will only be successful if musical interpretation gives me the same satisfaction and pleasure as ever.

The full interview is available in English and in French.

NEWSZoe Yeung