Christian Mason's work features in project 12:40

Working with forty creative artists, National Opera Studio and Second Movement’s latest project 12:40 set out to create twelve brand new operatic arias, commissioned for National Opera Studio’s 40th anniversary.

As part of this project, Christian Mason was chosen to collaborate with librettist Oge Nwosu on "The People's Council Sends a Message to the Viceroy". This aria, written for tenor Satriya Krisna, presents a scene in which Dutch, Malay, Indonesian, and English representatives are depicted at a meeting to discuss the coming independence of Indonesia.

"The most ambitious number was 'The People's Council Sends a Message to the Viceroy' […] with Krisna successively representing delegates of the four nationalities, and the composer Christian Mason clearly delineating each in the style and tone of the music."

- Gavin Dixon, Opera Magazine, August 2018


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Zoe Yeung