QUENTIN HINDLEY conducts 'La Légende du Roi Dragon' at Opera de Lille

Quentin Hindley will conduct 'La Légende du Roi Dragon', an opera in three parts composed by Arthur Lavandier, for five solo singers, children's choir and orchestra.

The inspiration of this work has its source in a very ancient Asian legend, a classic of Chinese and Korean literature that was written and rewritten many times since its appearance, some 2000 years before our era!

La Légende du Roi Dragon will be performed at Opera the Lille in the following days:

17.03.2018, 18h00

18.03.2018. 16h00

20.03.2018, 14h30

more info: http://www.opera-lille.fr/en/-season-17-18/bdd/cat/opera/sid/99696_la-legende-du-roi-dragon

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