ALASDAIR MALLOY shines once more with the Oxford Philharmonic!

Alasdair Malloy and the Oxford Philharmonic travelled through space and time, discovering music along the way!

"It takes a true musical geek [...] and a true storyteller to invent a backstory that works it into a Space-themed concert. And it takes a truly nice person to get people of all ages doing the dance happily, without feeling like we're at a bad panto rather than a quality classical concert. Fortunately Funomusica frontman and deviser, Alasdair Malloy, is all these things and more."

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This week Alasdair is in Liverpool for a run of education concerts with the Royal Liverpool Philharmonic Orchestra followed by a family concert “From Hamelin to Hogwarts”.

He then jets straight over to Singapore (Singapore Symhpony Orchestra) and Kuala Lumpur (Malaysian Philharmonic Orchestra) for more fun with “Summon the Superheroes” and “Adventures of the Magical Kingdom”.

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