Quatuor Van Kuijk release new Schubert CD!

Quatuor Van Kuijk launch new Schubert CD at Paris’ Théâtre des Bouffes du Nord on 1 October.

The Quartet’s highly anticipated 3rd disc, released for Alpha Classics, presents the 10th and 14th Quartets of chamber music master Schubert.

“Two sides to one man: the bright and dark faces of Schubert… When we approach a composer, we like to immerse ourselves in his or her early works, in order to understand the evolution of the person behind the score. It was quite naturally that the idea emerged of coupling a youthful quartet, no.10, composed at the age of sixteen, with a masterpiece by the mature Schubert, the “Death and the Maiden” Quartet No. 14.”

Quatuor Van Kuijk

For more information and to purchase the recording, click here.

NEWSZoe Yeung