Christian Mason announced as 2019 Villa Concordia Scholarship Holder


We are pleased to announce that composer Christian Mason has been named a scholarship holder on the prestigious 2019 Villa Concordia scheme in Bamberg.

As part of the project, thirteen artists in the visual arts, literature, and music fields will be guests of the International Künstlerhaus Villa Concordia where they will live and work for up to eleven months, starting in April 2019. The artists will then present their works at a range of public events organised by the Villa Concordia.

Minister of State for Science and Art, Bernd Sibler, last week announced the scholarship holders and emphasised: "Art thrives on dialogue! That is why we support the fruitful exchange between distinguished artists from different art genres from two European countries. We want to give them space to develop themselves creatively. With the work scholarship we promote the work of those who help to shape our cultural landscape. At the same time, we would like to set an example for the valuable cooperation in Europe."

For further information, please click here to access the press release.

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