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Quatuor Tana - Nouveau théâtre de Montreuil
Projet avec Benjamin Dupé
"Il se trouve que les oreilles n'ont pas de paupières"
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La musique est-elle seul plaisir ? N'est-elle pas aussi une forme de pouvoir ? Pour y répondre, les mots de Pascal Quignard et la musique de Benjamin Dupé se conjuguent dans un spectacle inclassable.
Lorsqu'un compositeur adapte un essai intitulé La haine de la musique, on peut s'attendre à tout. Benjamin Dupé se saisit de cette œuvre de Pascal Quignard parue en 1996 qui questionne l'influence puissante et ambiguë de la musique. Parce qu'il est impossible de fermer les oreilles comme on ferme les yeux, la musique fascine. Pour le meilleur et pour le pire. N'est-elle pas parfois une contrainte ? Un moyen de pression pour « faire obéir » ?

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Christmas Family Concerts
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Alasdair Malloy presents a series of festive fun this December!

5 December
11.00, 13.15 and 15.00
Beanbag Proms with Sinfonia Viva, Royal Concert hall, Nottingham

6 December
Christmas Family Concert with the Hallé, Bridgewater hall, Mancehster

19,20,22 Decemeber
11.00 and 14.30
Santa's Sleigh on Hope Street, with Liverpool Philharmonic   

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Signum Quartet
Debussy · Adès · Ravel
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It is a plea for the direct experience of a music that had become fed up with the constraints of traditional forms. Debussy’s music especially reveals characteristics that justifiably move it into the proximity of Impressionist painting, as it produces moving paintings, landscapes of sound, soundscapes in the narrowest sense of the word that can draw the listener into the middle of the picture. Maurice Ravel’s String Quartet, completed in 1903, had to be and was compared with Debussy’s quartet. At the same time, it can be seen here how Ravel’s musical diction – based on Debussy’s – prepared the way for French Modernism. Like only few of his colleagues, the Briton Thomas Adès, born in 1971, is capable of fusing traditional elements from music history, including obvious references to existing compositions, with modern sound production into an individual style appealing directly to the listener.

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Andreas Staier | Harpsichord
Freiburger Barockorchester | Early music ensemble

An exhilarating collection

The seven fabulously inventive concertos for solo harpsichord and orchestra mark a key stage in the history of the concertante form. The set was compiled during Bach's Leipzig years, when he directed the city's Collegium Musicum, and requires unfailing virtuosity and imagination of its performers. The contagious pleasure one feels in the interpretations of Andreas Staier and the Freiburger Barockorchester restores the full range of meanings to the word 'play'!

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Alexandre Tharaud
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Music of the Baroque era – Bach keyboard concertos and Scarlatti sonatas – already features in the eclectic Erato catalogue of the French pianist Alexandre Tharaud. Now he is giving us his interpretation of one of the monuments of the repertoire for piano (and harpsichord), Bach's Goldberg Variations. "Bach is the father of all composers," Tharaud has said. "He is the one who opened the way. When I am tired, or not playing at my best, I return to Bach. He refocuses me, he gives me new strength. His music has a centre, but it has no end ... To play Bach, you need to feel in harmony with yourself, to feel humble – Bach really is a matter of humility ... You cannot hide anything."

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Quatuor Voce - Lise Berthaud
Mozart / Brahms
Mozart / Brahms
String Quintets
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Ces deux quintettes, représentatifs d'un achèvement de carrière pour Brahms et de la fin d'une vie pour Mozart, sont animés d'un souffle vigoureux et d'une énergie bouillonnante. Quand le Quintette de Brahms, à la fois brillant et bouleversant rappelle certains de ses thèmes les plus connus (dont celui du Sextuor op. 18, rendu célèbre par le film Les Amants de Louis Malle), Mozart jette sur le papier les quatre mouvements d'une oeuvre qui parle intensément de lui, dans la diversité de ses climats et la complexité de son écriture.

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New releases




    The Tana Quartet will be making their debut at DeSingel in Antwerp on Saturday 21 November. The evening will be shared with psychologist Dirk de Wachter and soprano Caroline Melzer with whom they will be performing Schön... Read more...
  • Carducci Quartet

    Carducci Quartet

    The Carducci Quartet perform all 15 of Shostakovich's string quartets in Washington. It is part of their Shostakovich 15 project, to commemorate the 40th anniversary of the composer's death. Here's a link to the projects... Read more...
  • Quatuor Voce

    Quatuor Voce

    New to CLB Management The Voce quartet is 'one of the best French quartets in some years' (Strad). We are very happy to welcome them to the team. To read more click here for their official website or here for their biogr... Read more...


    A huge congratulations to Christian Mason who has been signed by publisher Breitkopf & Härtel. In the future you will be able to have your own score of a selction of his works. Click here to find out more about Breitkop... Read more...
  • Benedict Kloeckner

    Benedict Kloeckner

    The young cellist Benedict Kloeckner was recently interwied by t he "WDR 3" (Regional G erman radio and television). You can listen this interview (in german) by clicking here . Read more...
  • Quatuor Tana

    Quatuor Tana

    The Tana Quartet were welcomed to the 'Plaisir du Quatuor's' studios for a radio broadcast on September 28th . Their performance is now available on the France Musique website. You can listen to it by clicking on the li... Read more...
  • Quentin Hindley

    Quentin Hindley

    After his success last season of the French premiere 'Reflet/Reflection' by Tristan Murail with the Lille National Orchestra, Quentin Hindley will make his return directing the orchestra on the 23rd and 24th October. The... Read more...
  • Alexandre Tharaud

    Alexandre Tharaud

    Ahead of his upcoming recording release hear Alexandre present JS Bach's Goldberg Variations. Watch the video here . Read more...
  • Trilogy


    The Violin Channel features Trilogy’s new video “Mission Impossible”. Watch it here . Read more...